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The Sigil

For 16-year-old Samantha Prince, life can’t get any more awkward. With the recent death of her mother, a despondent father, and the trials and pitfalls of navigating her high school years, it’s hard knowing which way is up. But when she starts finding strange marks on her windows and a mysterious woman moves in next door, Samantha worries that things might be getting even more chaotic…and downright evil.

Follow The Fire

A story about reclaiming life when it begins to slip away.

Blood Armageddon

Based on the bestselling series of novels by Jon F. Merz, Blood Armageddon is a journey through a post-apocalyptic nightmarish landscape. It’s been 15 years since the vampires took over, nearly extinguishing all mankind. Now a lone warrior rises from the ruins, determined to track down the Source of the scourge: the Queen Mother of all vampires, and destroy her once and for all.

The Tail

The Tail is a retro-80s Crime Comedy, featuring Jon F. Merz as retired detective-turned-bounty-hunter, Mitch Mickler. A routine skip trace for a bail jumper leads Mitch through a twisting maze of outlandish characters, dead-end clues, and far too many one night stands. With a looming deadline, he’s got one chance to locate the bail jumper before everything he’s worked so hard for goes up in smoke…literally.

The Cursed Dark

Something haunts the medieval forests that surround a forgotten hamlet and one villager has had enough. Disregarding the warnings of everyone around her, she sets off to find the monster said to lurk in the woods and prey upon the unwary. But as darkness falls, will she truly become the hunter she dreams of becoming? Or will she be another of the hunted?

Control Mechanism

In the midst of a global pandemic, one man discovers the truth behind the origin of the virus and must race to let the world know before he is hunted down and killed. Because along with the sickness, something else is being spread…and it’s far, far worse than the disease itself.

Deep Space Disco And The Voyeur

Who hides behind the curtain? A voyeur spies on a disco dancer as she spins and twirls for the camera, unaware of the man watching her every move. As the song continues, she gets ever closer to realizing that she may not be alone after all.


Has the search for extraterrestrial life really ever focused on the things that come through our atmosphere every single moment of the day? There is life everywhere. And some of it may just have found a new home here on Earth…using our bodies as hosts.